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The Twin Collection comes from my two nieces, Gala, and Vera, who are twins. They inspired me with this collection which is a collection of jewels that can’t be separated. I designed two identical but different hammered circles, linked forever, inseparable, and versatile, just like twins! You can find this design of circle in every jewel, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and they have different sizes so that you can choose which one fits you better. The presence of the two intertwined circles makes our jewelry versatile and therefore can be worn with any look. For example, the Twin ‘XXL’ Necklace can be worn in different positions for the necklace, and it can also be worn as a bracelet, the perfect jewel for someone who doesn't have much time to change jewelry but still wants to be fashionable. This is also the perfect gift for twins, sisters, or for best friends! These all are handmade jewelry. They are made in Spain, in Valencia, in our little workshop that we love so much. You can find your jewelry in Sterling Silver, and in Gold Plated Sterling Silver. These are two materials of high quality, but they require basic care to keep looking their best. If you don’t know how to clean your jewelry please read our tips. Moreover, your jewelry is warranted for 2 years. We hope you'll find some of our good mood and energy in this handmade jewelry!