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Versatile Jewelry

More than one one to wear your Susi Cala

One of the particularities of the Susi Cala brand is its Versatile jewelry, which is an integral part of the brand’s originality. These jewels are designed to be worn in many different ways, to please the greatest number of people and especially to vary the outfit!

Susi Cala Basics

Sterling Silver 100% made in Spain

Moon Pendant
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


La Cala Oval ‘Open’ Ring
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Sophie Twin ‘M’ pendant Gold
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Gala ‘L’ Hoop Earrings
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Sophie Twin Ring
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Gala ‘XL’ Hoop Earrings
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Bretagne L Hoop Earrings
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Two Year Warranty

Here at Susi Cala we take pride in knowing our handcrafted, everyday pieces are built to last…so we offer a Two Year Warranty on all our pieces for manufacturing or material defects.

Click here to check out our Warranty Policy and how you can be eligible. 

About Susi Cala

Susi Cala Jewelry was built with enthusiasm, creativity and a lot of work! Since 2004 we have been committed to bringing our customers simple and comfortable jewels for their everyday style.

We stand for simplicity at its best, and believe in making jewelry essentials for modern women.

Click here to learn more about the Susi Cala Family!


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