Susi Cala is the result of the enthusiasm we have put into our work since 2004

Jewelry Designer since 2004

Natural Spirit of Creation

Susi Cala Jewelry was founded by designer Susana Calabuig, in 2004. Originating in Valencia, Spain, the brand is centered on Contemporary, Simple Silver Jewelry with a defined style contrasting the Mediterranean and the Nordic countries.

Certified in Florence, Italy

The Home of World Jewelry

Susana Calabuig studied in Valencia Industrial Design and Graphic Design. Attracted by Jewelry Design since she was a kid, she decided to move to Florence to specialize in Silversmithery in one of the most prestigious schools in the world, Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, the first Italian School that combines technical training, contemporary design and artistic research.

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

100% Made in Spain

    “Sterling silver is a noble, affordable and timeless material, it also allows me to create light, comfortable and easy to wear pieces. I like to create jewels that I would wear myself. Simple and versatile jewelry, that bring that feminine touch to my day or that special detail to the evening.’’

Susana Calabuig