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100% Handmade jewelry

The One Soul Collection is inspired by my niece. She is named Alma which means “Soul” in Spanish. When she was born, she was very little, so I designed the smallest circles of all my collections. This collection is delicate and minimalistic, perfect for layering and people who want to bring a discreet touch to their look. In this collection, you can find chain bracelets, double bracelets, nylon bracelets and many layering necklaces. If you don’t know how to use the trend of layering, please check out our blog to find tips to be at the cutting edge of fashion. Considering its meaning, this collection has perfect jewelry to give to your daughter, the simple and clean design allows the youngest to feel beautiful with jewelry without it being too flashy. The One Soul Collection can also be given as a declaration of love, to say that we are one. These all are handmade jewelry. They are made in Spain, in Valencia, in our little workshop that we love so much. You can find your jewelry in Sterling Silver, and in Gold Plated Sterling Silver. These are two materials of high quality, but they require basic care to keep looking their best. If you don’t know how to clean your jewelry please read our tips. Moreover, your jewelry is warranted for 2 years. We hope you'll find some of our good mood and energy in this handmade jewelry!