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Justine Colour Bracelet
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Justine ‘Suay’ Earrings
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Justine Nylon Bracelet
Gold Plated Sterling Silver


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100% Handmade jewelry

This collection is dedicated to one of the most important members of the Susi Cala family, Justine! She is the other part of my production team, and I taught her to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Hammered ovals, flowing chains, silver hoop earrings, and different colored accents are used throughout this collection. Each piece is unique and special, just like Justine. You can find hammered silver earrings that will embellish your look for sure. You also have a lot of circle nylon bracelets that you can mix and match very easily. It is a versatile collection because you can choose the color of the bracelet band between 3 and change it when you want! So, fit the bracelet band color with your outfit to make a hit! This allows you to express your creativity and increase the possibility of outfits. These all are handmade jewelry. They are made in Spain, in Valencia, in our little workshop that we love so much. You can find your jewelry in Sterling Silver, and in Gold Plated Sterling Silver. These are two materials of high quality, but they require basic care to keep looking their best. If you don’t know how to clean your jewelry please click here to see our tips. Moreover, your jewelry is warranted for 2 years. We hope you'll find some of our good mood and energy in this handmade jewelry!