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100% Handmade jewelry

The Bretagne Collection is inspired by one of our team members, an important one, Justine. She comes from Bretagne, France and has been part of the Susi Cala Family for many years now. She is now part of the brand and I wanted to create a jewelry collection inspired by her native region. This collection is inspired by the rugged coastline of her hometown, using bold lines and thick, hand hammered textures for an edgy twist on some of my classic designs. You will find many hammered jewels such as hammered pendants or hammered hoop earrings. This jewelry design recalls the ruggedness and authenticity of the Bretagne. You can also find a stick necklace. He is lightweight and easy to wear for your everyday look. What’s more, you can mix it with a shorter necklace to use the layering trend, which is very fashionable. If you don’t know how to use the layering technique, please check out our blog page to find more information. These all are handmade jewelry. They are made in Spain, in Valencia, in our little workshop that we love so much. You can find your jewelry in Sterling Silver, and in Gold Plated Sterling Silver. These are two materials of high quality, but they require basic care to keep looking their best. If you don’t know how to clean your jewelry please read our tips. Moreover, your jewelry is warranted for 2 years. We hope you'll find some of our good mood and energy in this handmade jewelry!